The Bottled vs. Canned Beer Debate Solved: Why You Should Get Yours in Cans

Packaging can make a huge difference in food supplies. Costs, ease of use, functionality, recyclability etc., are a few of the critical elements that may vary depending on the packaging you use. Beers aren't any different. Generally, they come in bottles or cans. And whether you sell beers or need them for personal use, your choice between the two can make a significant impact, despite seeming simple. If you are wondering which one to select, here is a detailed guide on why canned beers may be the better option.


Portability is one factor that gives canned beers the edge over their bottled counterparts. Most beer cans are made from aluminium, which is more lightweight than the glass used to bottle beer. Therefore, they are much easier to carry to a picnic and other similar areas.

Transportation and Storage

How easy is it to transport your beer? Generally, canned beer tends to be easier to transport than bottled beer. First, canned beer is lighter. Therefore, you are likely to use less fuel during shipping because of the reduced cargo weight, helping reduce your transportation costs. Canned beer is also less fragile than bottled beer. Therefore, when transporting beer bottles, whether full or empty, you will need to invest in more safety measures to ensure the beer reach their destination safely.

The lightweight properties and structural integrity of canned beers also come in handy during storage. In addition, cans are more stackable than bottles, making it easier to store them.

Beer Flavour

Your choice of packaging may also affect the taste and freshness of your beer over the long term. For instance, extended exposure of your beer to UV light may affect its flavour and freshness. Therefore, using canned beers could be your go-to solution to keeping your beer flavourful and fresh, especially if you intend to keep it as stock for long periods. That's because cans completely block out UV light from reaching the beer. However, it's worth noting that not all beer bottles are less effective in preventing UV light effects. Only lighter and clear bottles tend to perform poorly in blocking out the light. However, darker varieties like amber and brown should work just fine.

Public Use

Are you going on a picnic in a public space like campgrounds, beaches, boats, parks, pools, etc.? You may be better off carrying canned beer than bottled beer. Most of these public spaces restrict the use of glass bottles because of the inherent injury risks associated with broken glass.

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Packaging can make a huge difference in food supplies. Costs, ease of use, functionality, recyclability etc., are a few of the critical elements that